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TQ Online

One of our tools for building the capacity of states and IHEs to enhance the use of scientically based research in literacy (SBR‑L) in teacher preparation and professional development is TQ (teacher quality) Online, a dynamic online space for those with a stake in teacher education.

It provides a meeting ground where teacher educators, state education personnel, and others throughout New England and New York can test new ideas, brainstorm solutions, share resources, and seek advice from colleagues and experts about how to align instruction with scientific findings—and to do so across geographic boundaries.

Participants have praised TQ Online as a resource that supports their work, saying it “is almost like free professional development” and “supports my teaching in ways that are only limited to my own participation.”

TQ Online offers the following benefits:

There are currently two collaboration areas:

Syllabi-Sharing and Resources Group

Membership: Exclusive to IHE teacher education faculty and New England and New York Comprehensive Center staff.

In this online area, teacher educators, including full-time faculty, adjuncts, and graduate teaching assistants, can share and discuss syllabi for literacy-related teacher preparation courses. Discussions focus on enhancing the alignment of course content and materials with SBR‑L, and incorporating SBR‑L into teacher preparation coursework.


Scientifically Based Research in Literacy (SBR‑L) & State Standards Group

Membership: Teacher educators, leaders from state and local education agencies, and others with a stake in teacher education.

Here members can:


TQ Online is co-sponsored by the New York and New England Comprehensive Centers.