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Governor, Commissioner Praise NH Task Force on Effective Teaching

Charlotte Danielson
Charlotte Danielson

NH Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry convened the New Hampshire Task Force on Effective Teaching, a 60-member group of diverse stakeholders, last October to help move the state forward in supporting and evaluating effective teaching. Under the leadership of Karen Soule and Emma Rous, the Task Force presented its recommendations to the Commissioner, Governor John Lynch, and teacher evaluation expert Charlotte Danielson at its final meeting in May 2011.

Prior to the meeting, Ms. Danielson reviewed the recommendations created by Task Force subcommittees in four areas: pre-service education, induction and mentoring, professional developments, and teacher evaluation. In a slide presentation to the Task Force she highlighted the principles and concepts critical to developing recommendations that are coherent, lead to defensible evaluation practices, and—first and foremost—ensure effective teaching by supporting teachers as learners.

Commissioner Barry
Commissioner Barry

Commissioner Barry congratulated and thanked the Task Force for its work. In his remarks, the Governor stressed the need for NH schools to enable students to develop a love of learning and urged educators to grasp the context within which students are learning, given the widespread use of technology and social media tools.

The NH Department of Education will support the next phase of work, establishing a group to design a model for teacher evaluation based on the Task Force's recommendations. Recommendations for pre-service education, induction, mentoring, and professional development will be taken up by state entities positioned to advance that work. The Commissioner's Office will oversee these efforts, ensuring that groups are working in toward a coherent system based on a common understanding of effective teaching in New Hampshire.

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