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NECC, National Center Assist NH RTI Effort

Concord, NH: New Hampshire is one of nine states in the U.S. to receive support for RTI (Response to Intervention) implementation from the National Center on RTI. The support, awarded through a competitive grant with NECC assistance, consists of professional development, recommendations from experts, and guidance in implementing RTI.

RTI has the strong support of NH Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry, who has brought representatives of different departments in the NH DOE together to support cross-agency involvement in supporting effective RTI implementation in New Hampshire schools. Commissioner Barry, who prefers "Response to Instruction" for the RTI acronym, emphasizes the all-encompassing nature of RTI and the essential foundation of good instruction for all students.

NECC staff and staff from the NH Department of Education are working with six pilot schools in New Hampshire who applied for the privilege of receiving extra RTI support, becoming a part of a professional learning community, and sharing their best practices with other schools. The schools, all elementary schools, are Nottingham, Madison, Maple Avenue, Belmont, Lin-Wood, and Chichester. In daylong visits with school administrators, RTI leaders, and interventionists, the NECC/DOE team will verify the schools' self-assessments of their fidelity of RTI implementation and identify areas of needed support. Work with the six schools begins in September.

The National Center on RTI is collecting data from the pilot schools in all nine states to examine connections between fidelity of RTI implementation and student achievement.

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