spacerThe New England Comprehensive Center acts on behalf of all students in New England by working with education leaders in each state to fulfill the promise of No Child Left Behind.


The NECC is working in partnership with the Maine Department of Education (DOE) in three distinct areas.

First, the NECC provides ongoing technical assistance to the Maine NCLBA team. In this work the NECC consults with and supports the NCLBA team in evaluating its current work processes related to implementing changes emerging from the Maine school redistricting plan. As Maine moves through the implementation phases of its new redistricting the NECC maintains its responsiveness to the Department of Education in this dynamic process.

Secondly, in a collaborative effort with the Maine DOE and the Northeast Regional Resource Center, the NECC is helping to plan, design, and implement a Professional Development Series for "monitored" and "priority" schools.

Finally, the NECC provides support in Maine's assessment of migrant student needs.


Karen Laba is the NECC liaison for Maine: