spacerThe New England Comprehensive Center acts on behalf of all students in New England by working with education leaders in each state to fulfill the promise of No Child Left Behind.


Connecticut State Education Agency (SEA) staff identified three areas of useful NECC assistance: formative district assessments, Supplemental Educational Services (SES) evaluation criteria, and increasing the school involvement of non-English speaking families.

In the last quarter, the Center supported planning efforts and assisted in facilitating workshops for a statewide forum on School, Family, and Community Partnerships. The keynote speaker, national expert Dr. Joyce Epstein, reflected on the enormous changes in the field of family and community involvement.
Excerpts from Epstein's talk

The Center also continues to work with the Connecticut State Department of Education to develop a guidance document, "Connecticut Initiative to Support a Comprehensive Assessment System: Guidance for Implementing Formative Assessment at the District Level," and an accompanying annotated bibliography for teachers and administrators.


Maria-Paz Avery is the NECC liaison for Connecticut: