spacerThe New England Comprehensive Center acts on behalf of all students in New England by working with education leaders in each state to fulfill the promise of No Child Left Behind.

Who We Are

RMC Research Corporation works with two distinguished partners in designing, managing, and delivering technical assistance to state education agencies in New England. The partners are the Education Development Center, Inc., Newton, MA, and Learning Innovations at WestEd, Woburn, MA.

RMC Research Corporation (RMC) is a leader in program research and evaluation, professional development, product development, and consultation. Drawing on the expertise among our six regional offices, we support national, state, and local clients who serve schools, families, and communities.

RMC-Portsmouth conducts research, program evaluations, and policy studies; delivers technical assistance; offers training and professional development; and assists in identifying, developing, and disseminating quality programs through creative media and products. Our scope of work includes: school and district improvement and reform; choice, charter schools, and supplemental educational services (SES); reading; early childhood and family literacy; parent involvement; arts and culture; media and informal science education; and community health and prevention.

Education Development Center, Inc. is an international, non-profit organization with more than 335 projects dedicated to enhancing learning, promoting health, and fostering a deeper understanding of the world. For more than four decades Education Development Center (EDC) has been a pioneer, building bridges among research, policy, and practice. EDC manages projects in 50 countries. EDC's work strengthens nearly every facet of society, including early child development, K-12 education, health promotion, workforce preparation, community development, learning technologies, basic and adult education, institutional reform, medical ethics, and social justice.

Learning Innovations at WestEd (LI) builds capacity and empowers teachers, families, and communities to heighten children's learning and quality of life. Serving a range of clients, from individual schools to state education agencies, LI enhances learning by using a variety of professional development, leadership, technical assistance, and evaluation strategies and products. LI initiatives focus on teacher quality and support, program evaluation, support for schools in need of improvement, and improving science and mathematics learning.

The New England Comprehensive Assistance Center Advisory Board (NECCAB).

Working from both the NECC regional and individual state Technical Assistance plans, the NECC Advisory Board advises Center staff in allocating resources, developing strategies for assessing and monitoring needs, maintaining high quality work, and promoting progress in improving student achievement. Through these essential tasks, the Advisory Board will be an influential and valuable resource for informing the work of the New England Comprehensive Center.

The NECCAB comprises the chief state school officer or his or her designee from each of the six New England states and up to 15 additional members representing educational interests in the region. Members are sought whose influence spans the region, such as members of New England associations of superintendents and principals and networks of parents and student advocacy groups. Nominees are solicited from chief state school officers and approved by the governor of the sending state.