spacerThe New England Comprehensive Center acts on behalf of all students in New England by working with education leaders in each state to fulfill the promise of No Child Left Behind.

What We Offer

We engage state education leaders in using research and best practice to meet the goals of the ESEA. Our purpose is to design and deliver technical assistance services that meet education leaders’ priority needs, further the key initiatives of the U.S. Department of Education, and have the greatest potential for building states' capacities to help districts and schools improve.

Through specific requests and regular meetings with state education leaders to discuss their priority needs for technical assistance, we developed and continually review State Service Delivery Plans for each of the six New England states to ensure that our work is attuned to their emerging needs. We have also embarked on three Special Initiatives, designed to engage two or more states in areas of strong interest, such as teacher quality, the role of higher education in preparing the teacher workforce, and other concerns that are common across our region.

Our website and listservs are our primary tools for sharing up-to-date information about Center events, ESEA updates, news from the states in our region, and a variety of research resources. The five U.S. Department of Education Content Centers are our major source of current research and resources to educators in our region.